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Specialized in conversion optimization and performance marketing, we provide you with features that are constantly being enhanced by the SlideVision community.

If-Then Navigation

Easy targeting for all user groups.


Embed your slider everywhere, even in sidebars or on partner sites.


After the lead has been sent, you can ask more questions.


Determine which leads Identify which leads are really valuable to you so that you can get better leads.

SlideVision Api

With our Developer-Api you can individualise your slider.

Behavioural Analysis

Integration with Google and Facebook with AI optimisation through the lead value feature.

Partner Integration

Easy to integrate on your partner sites via code snippet.

Dynamic Placeholder

Personalise your slider with customer information.

Cookie Injector

Find out everything about the origin of your leads.

… and many more!

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  • Google-Tag-Manager Integration
  • Facebook Integration + LeadValue for KI-Optimisation
  • Precise behaviour analysis through events

API Connections

  • Simple connection to backends
  • Modules and articles for the most common CRMs
  • Individual solutions on request

Integration & Pagespeed

  • High performance through static content
  • Worldwide fail-safe CDN (AWS)
  • Easy integration into your or partner sites


  • Questionnaires with if-then navigation
  • Lead-update in case of further customer information
  • Individual logics for your product

Slide types

  • Contact form and confirmation slides
  • Loading Animation
  • Single or multiple answers, sliders, input fields and much more

Experience & Passion

  • 10+ years experience in lead generation business
  • Continuous development and optimisation
  • Individual solutions on request

Tested and optimised for all devices

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