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Slide Types Overview

You can choose from the following slide types: Einfachantwort (Type Nr. 1) Mehrfachantwort (Typ Nr. 2) Datumsauswahl (Typ Nr. 3) Text-/Zahleingabe (Typ Nr. 4) Schieberegler (Typ Nr. 5) Eingabefeld (Typ Nr. 6) PLZ Abfrage (Typ Nr. 7) Loader (Typ Nr. 8) Am Ende kommt...

Onboarding with SlideVision

So that we can create your slider we need some information from you. The better you describe your wishes, the better we can fulfill them. We will send you a Google-Sheet in which you can enter all the information you need. The following things we need from you: Your...
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