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  2. Dynamic Headline

The Dynamic-Headline (formerly Slider-Driven Headline) allows you to change the headline above the slider depending on the current slide.

For this purpose, the initial heading can be determined once in the Dynamic-Headline module and then, depending on the slide role, the heading for the respective role can be determined. Additionally there is the possibility to define the dynamic headline individually in the settings of each slide.

1. Edit

Open the module settings for editing.

2. Tab - Content

The headings are defined in the tab “Content”.

3. Headings in general

Define the headline during the completion of the questionnaire.

4. Heading Postcode

Define the headline in the “Postcode” area.

5. Heading Contact details

Define the headline in the section “Survey contact data”.

6. Heading Confirmation page

Define the headline at the “confirmation page”.

7. Tab - Design

In the tab “Design” you can change e.g. the background color of the headline or activate/deactivate the arrow.

If you scroll down in the popup you can edit text properties and distances for all mobile states.

8. Tab - CustomCss

In the tab “CustomCss” you can insert additional CSS.

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