Form Submission – Leadmailer

If you do not have your own endpoint/backend/CRM available for your leads, we have created the possibility to receive leads via email for test purposes and for low lead volumes.


Open the module settings to edit.


When sending emails, there are sending restrictions that apply to the entire SlideVision platform, i.e. all SlideVision customers combined.

Although we have secured this service and operate it redundantly, we accept no liability for any failures or errors.

A great service to start your business! If your business is growing successfully, it’s time to look at alternatives.

When the time comes, we’ll be happy to advise you!

Tab – General

The Form Submission LeadMailer module has the same settings as the Form Submission module.

In order to secure our Lead2Mail service, it is necessary that you provide us in advance with the email addresses to which a lead may be sent (Contact Support).

These emails will not be published in any way (just an alias).

Once we have authorised your email address, you can select it in the module’s settings.

Tab – Actions

Here you can include javascript that will be executed when the lead data has been transferred.

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