Form Submission Salesforce


Using the Form Submission Salesforce module, a lead’s data is submitted to the Salesforce WebToLead endpoint (

Note also that you need to set the names (submission IDs) for the fields you want to transfer. These must match those in Hubspot (more on this in the article: Set submission IDs).


Open the module settings to edit.

Tab – General

The following settings can be made:


Api-Data allows you to specify additional parameters that will be sent with each data transmission.

load hidden frame

Here you can specify a url that will be called after the lead data has been successfully transferred. This can be used to track a conversion in Google Analytics, for example, or you can include any other conversion codes on this page.

Redirect to other page

Redirects the user to the specified url if the lead was submitted.

Message in case of error

This message will be displayed to the user if an error occurred during lead transmission.

Unfortunately, the Salesforce api doesn’t allow CORS requests, so we ignore the server’s response – so this error message should probably never be played out.

Salesforce oid

Take the oid from the WebToLead settings in Salesforce.

Salesforce recordType

Take the recordType from the WebToLead settings in Salesforce.

Tab – Actions

Here you can include javascript that will be executed when the lead data has been transferred.

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