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With the feature module “Form Submission” (resp. “Form Submission Update” resp. “Form Submission Leadmailer”) the data of a lead will be transmitted to you.

1. Edit

Open the module settings to edit.

2. Form Submission

This module can transfer the data of a lead e.g. to Salesforce, Zapier or Zoho. However, the underlying technology is able to “post” to any web endpoint, i.e. a POST request is made to the endpoint you specify where the lead data is transferred.

Api endpoint

The Api endpoint is the URL to which the lead data is sent by mail.


With Api-Data you can specify additional parameters, which are sent with every data transfer.

load hidden frame

An url can be specified here, which is called after the successful transfer of the lead data. This can be used to track a conversion e.g. in Google Analytics or you can embed any other conversion code on this page.

3. Form Submission Update

With this module it is possible to refine a lead after conversion. So you can ask the most important questions first and ask more questions after transferring the lead data.

The Form Submission Update module has the same settings as the Form Submission module. This allows you to specify a different Api endpoint for a Lead Update.

The functionality to update the lead must be implemented on your side of the endpoint. We transfer all old data plus the new data.

As identifier you can use the parameter uuid, which we set once for a user and store in a cookie for 24 hours. So if the user sends a lead again during this time, you can assign it using uuid.

4. Form Submission Lead2Mailer

If you do not have your own endpoint for your leads, we have created the possibility for you to receive leads by email.

However, there are transmission restrictions that apply to the entire SlideVision platform, i.e. all SlideVision customers together. Even though we have secured this service and operate it redundantly, we are not liable for any failures or errors. A great service to start your business! If your business grows successfully, it’s time to look at alternatives. If it is so far, we advise you gladly!

In order to secure our Lead2Mail service, it is necessary that you inform us in advance of the email addresses to which a lead may be sent. These e-mails will not be published in any way (just an alias). If we have authorized these emails, you can select them in the settings of the “Form Submission Lead2Mailer” module.

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