Form Submission – Update

With the module Form Submission Update it is possible to refine a lead after the conversion. So you can first ask the most important questions and then ask more questions after the lead data has been transferred.

Before that, the normal Form Submission Modul must send the lead data for the first time.


Open the module settings for editing.


The functionality to update the lead has to be implemented on your side of the endpoint. We transfer all old data plus the new data.

As identifier you can use the parameter uuid, which we set once for a user and store in a cookie for 30 days (tracking settings).

So if the user sends a lead again during this time, you can assign it using the uuid.

Tab – Allgemein (General)

The Form Submission Update Module has the same settings as the Form Submission Module. So you can specify a different api endpoint for a lead update.

Tab – Actions

Here you can integrate Javascript, which is executed when the lead data has been transferred.

Trigger Lead-Update

In order for the lead update to be sent, Trigger lead update (form submission update) must be activated in the slide settings.

This setting can be made in the tab “General” in each slide.

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