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  • SlideVision Account
  • Zapier Account (

With this example we want to show you how leads are sent/transferred from SlideVision to Zapier.

Create Zap

Log in to Zapier and create a new Zap.

At “Choose App and Event” select “Webhooks by Zapier”.

As trigger choose “Catch Hook”.

Then click on “Continue”.

Connecting Zapier with Slidevision

The next step is to get the “Custom Webhook URL” from Zapier which must be entered into the submission module in the slider.

Click on “Copy”.

Open the “Form Submission Api-Create” module in the Slider Editor.

Copy the URL to the api endpoint. Click “Save & Exit” to save the changes in the module. Then click on “Save/Update” to update the changes in the slider.

Finally, click on “Publish” so that the changes in the published slider take effect.

Submit a lead

Go to the website where the slider is integrated and submit a lead.

Alternatively, you can open the published slider via the editor to send the lead from there. (Ansehen)

If you now click on “Test trigger” at the next item “Find Data” in Zapier, you will get the message “We found a request! The lead data is successfully sent from SlideVision to Zapier.

Choose an app in Zapier

The next step is to configure in Zapier what to do with the data. E.g. write it into a Google-Sheet.

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