Global HTML and Colors

With the help of this module you can add global css or html to your slider. Both in the standalone variant and in the variant for embedding. You can also set the main colors and the width and height of your slider here.


Open the module settings for editing.

Tab – General

In the tab “General” HTML can be integrated directly into the slider (such as the desired font family).

The content of the Standalone HTML input field is only included in the Development Preview variant.

The content of the Export-HTML input field will be included in all variants of your slider (e.g. here only the font-family is specified per Css, because the page that includes the slider usually already has the fonts loaded).

Tab – Design

In the tab “Design”, branding colors and size of the slider are set.

The colors can be overwritten by special modules (like the Global-Question-Styling module).

The following global values can be set for slider size:

  • Maximum width container
  • Minimum height container
  • Maximum width slides

Tab – Custom-Js

In the tab “Custom-Js” you can insert global Javascript and influence events and actions with the SlideVision Developer Api.

Tab – Custom-Css

In the tab “Custom-Css” you can insert additional CSS. The css has a global effect – so choose the css selectors carefully.

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