Welcome to SlideVision!

If you have received your login data from us, you can start now! (If not, please contact


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After you have successfully logged in, you will see the following elements:


Use the dashboard to contact us if you have any questions – or click to access our Help Center.


In the side menu Slider you manage, create and edit your sliders.

Additional functions become visible when you move the mouse over the respective slider.


In the media library you manage the images/icons. These are automatically uploaded to a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for high performance uploading worldwide.

Furthermore, you can import images from for free under the menu item Instant Images.

If you want to replace an image, select the image to be replaced with a click and use the button “Upload a new file” in the popup.

If you want to delete an image, select the corresponding image with a click and use the “Delete permanently” button in the popup.

You can change the view of the media library (list – thumbnail) with the following button:


In the page menu Profil you can change your personal options – e.g. the password.

How you edit your slider you will learn in this article: Edit and export sliders

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