Onboarding with SlideVision

In order to create your slider we need some information from you.

The better you describe your wishes, the better we can fulfil them. We will send you a Google sheet in which you can enter all the information you need.

The following things we need from you:

  • Your colours and fonts
  • What questions do you want to ask your customers?
  • How do you want us to send you the leads?
  • What tracking tools do you use?
  • What are your contact and billing details?

Your colours and fonts

  • Header (maincolor 1): The background colour of the heading above the slider.
  • Responses (maincolor 2): Background colour of the response texts as well as border when selected.
  • Text colour: (textcolor 1): The colour of the questions and headings
  • Text colour: (textcolor 2): The colour of the answers and other texts
  • Font family: The font your page uses (should be a web font, see e.g. Google Fonts)

You can choose the colours, for example, here. It is also helpful if you send us a link to your website.

What questions do you want to ask your customers?

In addition to questions, answers and other text, you also need to tell us what slide type you want to use (question, date selection, etc. ).

We have prepared a tab “Slides / Questions” in the Google sheet for this purpose.

You can find an overview of the different slide types in the article Slide Types Overview.

If you want to have images for the respective answers, you have to send them to us (approx. 100x100px). Make sure that you include all the necessary information for each slide type.

For example, in the case of the slider, this is

  • Header above slider
  • Slide headline / question
  • if applicable. Sub-heading (below heading)
  • Start point
  • End point
  • Unit
  • Initial state
  • Step size
  • Intermediate point 1
  • Intermediate point 2
  • Intermediate point 3
  • Intermediate point 4
  • Intermediate point 5
  • Button-. Text

Pro Tip: If you want to use branched questionnaires, you can create them very clearly with www.draw.io and then send us the saved file.

How should we send you the leads?

We can either send your clients’ responses by POST request to a url of your choice, or send them to you by email.

If you want to receive your leads by email, you must tell us the email addresses you want the leads to receive.

Although we do our best to ensure resilience and stability of our Lead2Mail service, this option is not suitable for sites with very high traffic, but is an easy way for you to get leads quickly.

What tracking tools do you use?

For behavioural analysis of your users, we can send events (e.g. after each response). We currently support Facebook, Google Tagmanager and Google Analytics.

You have to embed the respective service in your website and we will then use the embedded service.

For example, you can find out how to use and set up Google Analytics via the tag manager in the article Integrating Google Tag Manager and Analytics.

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