Set Submission ID’s

The Submission ID’s or submission ID’s describe the field names used when a slider sends the lead data to your backend (Zapier, Salesforce, HubSpot etc).

So, for example, if you request the phone number in the contact form, you can specify with which name the phone number is passed to your backend.

Some backend providers are not very flexible at this point, but we are even more so. You can set the name you want for almost any field.

Question module

In the Question module you will find the settings under the tab Questions / Answers.

Here you can set the question ID once, which will then be the answer ID for all answers. Or you can overwrite the question ID for a single answer.

If you do not specify the question ID, question_[slide ID] is used.

The response value is the value that is passed with the question/response ID. If you leave it blank, the text of the answer will be passed.

Contact module

In the (new) contact module, you’ll find the settings in the field settings. Learn more about the (new) contact module.

Contact module (alt)

In the contact module you will find the settings under the tab Form elements.

Other modules

For all other modules, you will usually find the submission settings in the content tab.

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