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1. Edit

Open the module settings for editing.

2. Tab - Content

Here you can change all contents of your contact form with which your user does not have to interact (the input fields or the button). You can change these in the tab “Form elements”. 

Further settings like lead update, submission id and preventing backward navigation are possible here.

3. Tab - Design

Here you can make design settings that are supposed to differ from your “Global Design”. For example, you can set that your headline, which is black by the global design, should be blue here.

You can also set distances from the top, down, right and left, which will only apply to this contact form. 

4. Tab - CustomCss

In this tab you can further customize your slider with your own CSS code. You have all the freedom you need, but it requires some CSS knowledge, so we recommend that you start here for advanced users and not right at the beginning. 

5. Tab - Slider-Driven Headline

Here you can set your headline individually for this contact form. 

Please note that there is also the feature “Dynamic-Headline”, where you can globally set the headlines for questions (all at the same time), contact form, confirmation, loader and zip code. 

Setting the headline here only makes sense, if you have several contact forms in which you want different headlines to appear. Otherwise use the Dynamic-Headline feature for a better overview.

6. Tab - Form Elements

In this tab you determine which elements should appear in the form itself and will be filled out by the user. 

7. Tab - Item Order

The tab “Item order” shows all elements that you have previously activated in the tab “Form elements”. Now bring them into the desired order.

8. Tab - Validation

Here you can enter error messages that the user will see if a field is entered incorrectly. We have already inserted standard texts, which are displayed by default.

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