Slide – Date- & Timepicker

With this slide you can request a date and time window for events, appointments or similar.


Open the module settings for editing.

Tab – General

In the tab “General” you edit

  • the Slide-ID
  • the next slide ID (for a branched questionnaire)
  • Navigation settings (reverse navigation, scrollup)
  • Submission & Tracking settings

So content with which the user does not have to interact.

Tab – Design

In the tab “Design” you can give the slide a background color and also set the styling of the datepicker.

Distances can be adjusted up, down, right and left.

Adjust the styling of the texts, the placeholder text and the frame.

Tab – Content

In the tab “Content” you can adjust the headings


  • Assign a placeholder
  • Submission-Id (if nothing is entered, the Slide-Id is transmitted)
  • Select a “date format” from the suggestions, which meets your requirements
  • allow only “days from today”
  • create a note text that appears under the “Next” button

Input field Settings:

  • Activate “Embed calendar” for a different view of the calendar

Validation Datepicker:

  • Mandatory field yes or no?
  • Change the mandatory field Message


  • Assign timeslots (one entry per line)
  • You can also select multiple timeslots (multiple selection)
  • Mandatory field yes or no?
  • Assign a Submission-Id for the transmission to the backend

Tab – Buttons & Addons

The tab “Buttons & Addons” is used to edit button, progressbar and dynamic headline settings.


  • Next button text & styling
  • Back button text & styling


  • Longest path of the progress bar (can be different in different question trees for branched questionnaires)
  • Index for the progress bar (to outwit the display)

Dynamic Headline:

  • Here you can set your headline again individually for this question.

But note that there is also the addon Dynamic-Headline, where you can globally set the headlines for questions (all at once), contact form, confirmation, loader and zip code.

Using this setting here only makes sense if you have questions in which different headlines should appear. Otherwise use the Addon Dynamic-Headline for a better overview.

Tab – Custom Css/Js

In the tab “Custom Css/Js” you can add additional Css and Javascript to each slide.


  • Javascript on appearance of the slide (executed when the slide is entered)
  • Javascript when leaving the slide (always executed when the slide is left)
  • Javascript when leaving the slide – Validation correct (only executed if the slide may be left, so the validations are correct)

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