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With a loader you can suggest added value to your user by analyzing your system and thus separate the query process from the input process.

With our new and revised Loader style “v2-multi-loader” you can now use several loaders in one questionnaire!

Beautiful and also some free loader animations can be found at https://icons8.com/preloaders/en/free

1. Edit

Open the module settings for editing.

2. Tab - Content

In the tab “Content” you determine how long the loader is displayed and which message and image appears after the loader is finished.

3. Tab - Design

In the tab “Design” you can set colors and distances as well as select the loader variant.

Depending on the variant, different setting options appear in the tab “Contents”.

We recommend our revised Loader style “v2-multi-loader”.

4. Tab - CustomCss

The tab “CustomCss” offers you the possibility to integrate additional css.

5. Tab - Dynamic Headline

In the tab “Dynamic Headline” you can overwrite the globally assigned headline.

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