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1. Edit

Open the module settings to edit.

To add a new question you have to click on "Insert module" below and select the module "Question (slide)".

To duplicate a question you have to click with the mouse on the 2 rectangles on the question module.

2. Tab - Contents

In the tab “Content” you edit/assign

  • the slide ID
  • the next slide ID (for branched questionnaires)
  • the longest path of the ProgressBar (can differ in different question trees for branched questionnaires)
  • the button text und settings

3. Tab - Design

In the tab “Design” you can give each question a background color and adjust the distances.

4. Tab - CustomCss

The tab “CustomCss” offers you the possibility to integrate additional css.

5. Tab - Addon-Slider-Driven Headline

In the tab “Addon-Slider-Driven Headline” you can give each question its own headline and select an animation for it.

6. Tab - Question / Answers

In the tab “Question / Answers” you create / edit the question and the answer possibilities.

In the section "Question" you create / edit the question. If you activate the field "Multiple answer options", make sure to assign a "Next button" text in the "Contents" tab.
In the "Answers" section you can define the number of answers, assign the corresponding picture to each answer, determine the next slide (for branched questionnaires) and set the weighting for the Facebook-KI.
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