Slider – edit and export

In this article, we’ll show you how to edit and export your slider – and we’ll show you the settings options you have to do so.

Slider-name & url-slug

The slider name (Slidevision: …) has no further function and is only used for a better overview.

The url-slug below appears in the url under which your slider can be called up later. You can change this as you wish.

Development version – preview

Click Preview to see the contents of the slider you are currently editing. 

IMPORTANT – this is the working version of your slider, so to speak – if you make changes here, they are not yet visible to your clients.

Development Version – Save

When you have completed your changes, you must then save the working version of your slider.

Click on Save (ATTENTION: The changes are still not visible for your clients).

Online version – publish

If you are satisfied with the result and want to make your changes visible to your clients – then click on Publish.

This will upload the working version of your slider to our CDN and make it accessible to the whole world.

Online version – View

When you click on View, a new tab opens in which you can see the published slider.

This is a preview variant that is fully functional.

Online version – copy code

Now you’re ready to integrate the slider into your website.

Clicking on Copy code will give you all the information you need.

loader image

Here you can choose an image to be displayed while the slider is loading.


In Revisions, the current version is stored with each update.

This means that you can easily restore one of the last saved versions with one click – just like a backup tool.

In the next article you will learn what elements your slider is made of: Slider – Structure and Elements.

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