Slider – Structure and Elements

Slider – Rough classification

Roughly speaking, a slider can be divided into the following areas:

  • Question area before the conversion
  • Query of contact data
  • Confirmation page after conversion
  • further questions after the conversion

After the confirmation page/conversion we offer the possibility to further refine leads. To use this option, you need to implement a lead update mechanism on your backend.

Slider – Classification according to roles

The different slides can also be classified according to their role. The following roles currently exist:

  • Role question – Questions Slides
  • Role zipcode – Postcode query Slides
  • Role loader – pauses the slider briefly and simulates a “working system
  • Role contact – contact details Slides
  • Role confirmation – confirmation page after the conversion

Slider – Modules in the editor

With the backend you edit your slider. In the backend the slider is composed of the following module types:

  • Addon – are modules that interact with the slider (e.g. Progressbar)
  • Slide – describe the contents of the slide (questions, loader, contact details, confirmation page, …)
  • Feature – extend the function of the slider (e.g. tracking, form submission, input focus, …)
  • Styling – determine the appearance of the slider (e.g. Global Question Styling)
  • Vendor – If we have developed an individual solution for your company, your slider will have a special vendor module
  • Controller – Is the heart of the slider and always the last module in the backend.

If you want to add a new module, you have to click on “Insert module” in the respective section and select the corresponding module. The modules are colored according to their function (slide, addon, feature, styling).

In this article you will learn how to work with the questions in your slider: Editing questions

In this article you will learn how to edit the addon “Dynamic Headline”: Dynamic Headline

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