Unbounce Classic-Builder – Integration


  • SlideVision Account
  • Unbounce Account (https://unbounce.com/)

With this example we would like to show you how to integrate a SlideVision slider in the unbounce Classic Builder.

Create Unbounce-Section

Log in to Unbounce and create a section in your landing page where the slider will be included.

Add Class to Properties

Give the new section the class “slidevision-formslider”.

Add Javascript

Open the Javascript settings.

For Placement, select “After Body Tag” and copy the Javascript code that you receive from your slider under “Copy Code” to this position.

Important –> Including the jQuery call to include jQuery!

Section height adjustment – desktop

Now you have to give the section the right height for desktop to display the slider correctly.

Section height adjustment – Mobile

And the same again for the mobile view.

Display problem in connection with unbounce

Due to special features of the page conversion of unbounce, a height must be set for the slider, because otherwise it leads to an unattractive display of your slider in unbounce.

We have no influence on this – the solution is to set the height of the highest slider once for desktop and once for mobile.

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