How to optimise the questionnaire of your landing page

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Improve landing page and questionnaire funnel with these simple tricks.

Your potential customers are on your landing page. Now you need to guide as many as possible through your questionnaire to the contact form.
Conversion optimisation is the magic word here, as is often the case.

The 2 biggest levers for optimising your landing page and questionnaires

1 Design of the questionnaire

2 Contents of the questions

The length of your questionnaire depends primarily on the information you need. Note, however, that too many questions can lead to higher drop-out rates. On the other hand, too few questions may not build up enough engagement. This results in your users being less willing to provide their contact details..

Testing has shown that 6 to 8 questions are usually ideal. So on the one hand, only ask questions whose information you really need. Secondly, make sure that the content seems relevant to your customers at this point in the customer journey. So think twice about whether you should really include a question and ask yourself the question: “Is this question really relevant to my clients?”.

Also let your users know where they are in the process. For example, that they are currently on the third of seven questions. Or you can show them the progress as a percentage. With this small add-on, you significantly increase the satisfaction on your landing page and achieve higher conversion rates.

If you make changes to an existing questionnaire…

… then you should always test them! What you need to consider when testing & optimising your landing page. We have summarised this for you here at a glance: A/B Testing: The most important questions and answers at a glance! By the way, at t3n you can find an overview of different tools that you can use for your A/B testing.

It is also important,

that you use different question or answer options whenever possible. To make answering your questions as entertaining as possible, the keyword here is gamification. This way, your customer actually enjoys answering your questions, is not bored and clicks through your questionnaire without realising that they are providing you with valuable information about the product you want. For example, include a slider as an answer option. Most of your traffic is mobile? Depending on the scale, you should rethink the stakes. Nothing is more frustrating than having trouble choosing the correct answer. In any case, you should always give your clients the opportunity to type in their answer.

Use icons to display the answer options in addition to the answer text. As a goal for the selection of your icons, you can always ask yourself, for example: “Would the answer option also be understood without the answer text – i.e. only with the icon? This way you can make sure that your icons really help. Otherwise, loading gifs are always a great way to build tension with the customer. For example, suggest the calculation of the price or the search for suitable products.

Interesting is,

In which cases you allow multiple selection or skipping of a question. Maybe your users don’t feel able to answer a question or can’t decide on just one answer option. This increases the likelihood of abandonment. So think carefully about the cases in which they might need advice. For example, if your clients are still at the beginning of the information process or have not yet had a chance to think about their needs. Then you should design your answer options accordingly with a multiple choice. Or you can add the desire for counselling as a choice.

How to formulate good questions for your landing page!

1. Short and understandable are the magic words

Formulate your questions actively
Avoid unnecessary subordinate clauses
No leading questions
Avoid foreign words

2. The sound makes the music

How colloquial is your communication? Stick to your regular tone
Always choose the use of subject-specific terms according to your target group.
Make sure you address them directly and personally
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